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The body of giantG

HFBK, Hamburg, 2014



AutumnThe Third Law – As a system approaches absolute zero the entropy of the system approaches a minimum value .

(Each process stops when the temperature approaches zero. In simpler terms: You can not reach absolute zero)

All water runs giantG's way. Liquids passes through and further. Salts, nucleic acid, lipids, carbohydrates, phospholipids and enzymes. giantG has become odorless. Stripped of every tissue. Each trace slowly fading.

Inwardsturned and outhollowed,

As a stone licked by the ocean's roar. Layer after layer of decaying tissue. Membranes washed away. Organelles. Hands. Tissue. Slip through and out of the centrioles' clasp. Deterioration takes hold, the familiar putrefies and unfamiliarity sets in. Time stretches and loses its hold. On the other side of the river, the common tendency is for everything to fall apart. The collapse lives on the other side.

Spring - the zEROTH lAW - If two systems are each in thermal equilibrium with a third, they are also in thermal equilibrium with each other.

(Equilibrium is transitive, i.e. that it can be forwarded)

dworf-N exists parallel to giantG as sensations. A kindred unfamiliarity, that in its growth increase in both similarity and remoteness. dworf-N has its own code and can go unnoticed for long. Deciphers my tricks, easily escapes the nonsense-system and moves faster than the speed of the combat itself. dworf-N hoards and self-generates new mutations, that find their place within my system and follows me around. The mutations can spiral and in moments, become myriads cooperating as a unit in my body. The colonies' waste products can be detected as an amoeboid movement just below my surface. I can smell the sweet, repulsive stench of dworf-N seeping into my fluids. dworf-N weaves through my cytoplasm, aiming to penetrate my membranes all the way into the very core of my control center. dworf-N munches through. Gobbles down my proteins, converting my energy for self serving profit. Eats what I eat and eats of me. dworf-N has become the substance I am made of and transformed me into the substance that dworf-N is. dworf-N was nothing, but became to be through me. dworf-N has caught me from the inside. Cannot possibly be yanked out. I don't know if it's just temporary or if I have merely become an empty container.

Rumours say that dworf-N's existence has been ongoing for 3.7 billion years. It has in a way turned into a myth. I creak and squeak from the inside. dworf-N emits neurotransmitters that stimulate its own growth and marking of territory. The toxins of apoptosis might imply that my entire organism will be terminated. My amplificationcascade has already collapsed. dworf-N grows not only in girth, but also in intensity. Dissolves matter, that which makes me and converts it into itself. dworf-N's growth can be seen more and more clearly on the underside of my surface. The seizure of my core and its functions has effected my nerves and I have started to move in rigid, mechanical patterns.


Winter - the sECOND lAW - Heat cannot spontaneously flow from a colder location to a hotter location.

(The increase in the entropy of the universe will always be positive. The entropy is a measure of a system's "disorder", and the 2nd law leads to, that if you use energy in a process that "cleans up" (that is, reduce the entropy) in one place, then it will just lead to a similar or greater increase elsewhere)

Wearing my finest, but no one sees it. My core is quiet and uneasy. A constant quivering, which in its insistence becomes non-movements. It is not only my core as it also belongs to giantG, but only I have the access to it from this specific perspective. giantG assembles the mosaic and claims that an identical pair is never the same. I keep the core together, manage it. It is from here that I observe, but it is not here that I am being observed. I define my core in relation to an immense spectrum of sizes, forms and functions. I am formed by: that which is my substance and that which is not my substance. Bacteria, proteins, metabolism, growth and nerves. By distances to other substances and the gaps between substance. Distances of sound and distances of time. The limits I encounter and the ones I do not. Directional descriptions do not suffice. Defined in relation to the contours and outlines of being's end and dissolution. Where something starts and ends forms the perimeter of influence by matter and non-matter. The structural divisions of what is life and what is non-life. More value, less value and no value. It does not compute. The borderline is undefined. I find gaps. Disorder can not be sorted out. It is coiled in the threads of its endlessly entangled chains. I try to escape by transcending through the pores. I am inside the matter. I am outside the matter. I go through the matter. I always think there will be light. The membranes amphiphilic bilayered structure is never-ending. The layer has become thicker and even more solid.

The plasma on my ?hands? is sticky. Its weighs and pulls. My movement continues. To the beat of something. Perhaps my existence is negotiable, but I am encapsulated and can not act. Growth process continues. Hears messengerY8 from a remote location. (giantG is also present. giantG is always present.). The voices keeps me from merging with anything. Words flowing through the channels and materializes in the liquid around me.

I have been here before, but something has changed. The process has increased its speed. It is the phase, where they control and make imprint of information. They discuss the gene express and maintenance of chromatin and transport of large molecules, through pores in the membranes. How they can drain and send signals. I exercise in rapidly being able to wipe out my information, before messengerY8 manages to get hold of it. messengerY8 shall not be allowed to take my information. It belongs to my core.

messengerY8 includes and excludes. messengerY8 moves away from. messengerY8 moves towards. Shuts me out and locks me in. Attracts and repels. messengerY8 ́s way goes outwards and inwards. Has a direction forwards, but always includes (that which lies) behind. Remembers everything and forgets nothing. One single unit gives it all away. I am merely a bead in the chain.

giantG knows more. Houses the actions and the consequences of everything. Collects and archives forms as non-forms in its database. giantG is defiant and does not come to terms. giantG has only one direction and it ́s neither circular nor linear. giantG does not take into account anything or anyone. Everything is constantly and meticulously measured in relation to the process and its execution. I communicate with giantG through messengerY8. giantG has no upper limit. Membranes does not exist to giantG and embarrassment is unknown. giantG is too much.

Not guilty, guilty of everything. Virus in a delicate format. giantG is murderous and makes everything fall together and apart. There is nothing giantG would like to avoid. I try to appear sober, clean myself neatly with one of my treads, but bacteria incessantly returns and liquids keeps running out of me. In moments giantG appears mild, in others brutal. I dream of being a limitless molecule that freely can pass through the channels, but then the shock comes. It can vary in its response time, but the shock always comes. giantG discovers everything. I'm sending long-distance signals to my future core.

I comb my treats, but they stay messy. Can not bring order back. I rise, as we scatter.

It would be unlikely that we meet again.

No SeasonlAWLESS

MessengerY8 has created tenth-D. Version tenth-D carries my skeleton and moves like me. Shares my breath. Fully able to do me after. Faithful to my core-ness. tenth-D has patented my all-one. tenth-D is what I once was. Have I ever existed without tenth-D. No one will be able to tell the difference between us. I realize the limits are repealed and understand that tenth-D mimics my abilities to the fullest extent. I emit N O alarm signals about fraud in the system to giantG. Simultaneously, tenth-D replicates the N O alarm call. Like an echo that will eternally resonate.

tenth-D teases me. I like that. tenth-D runs after me and I hide That's the game. We play it over and over again. End each other's circles. tenth-D threatens me. I like that. I want to fight. Collide with tenth-D's matter. Touch and beat it. Smash hard against it. I long for hard surfaces and cytoskeletons shatters against each other.

I dig into tenth-D. Munch my way through matter. Rip out clusters of veins and tissue. Nothing can be replaced. My long centriolic chains fastened around tenth-D's middle. The grib tightens. Cuts. And we are sliced in two.

Summer - the fIRST lAW - The increase in internal energy of a closed system is equal to the difference of the heat supplied to the system and the work done by it: ΔU = Q – W

(The energy constancy)

I float in trance-like circles, but maintain linearity as as protection against infinity. Pendulating between being insane and trying to be something else.

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