I din mund smager alt af jordbær

Installation view
Installation view

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Til Havet / To(o) the Sea
Til Havet / To(o) the Sea

acrylic on canvas, 200 x 230 cm, 2018

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Installation view
Installation view

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MFA graduation solo exhibition, KHM1 Gallery Malmö, 2018
All photos Jenny Enkholm 

A Heart in the Hand is Better Than a Teacup on the Head

A mouth below the nose is better than drawing hearts above everything. In the early morning hours, a pair of scissors is dancing. The landscape is duvets, those soft tongues; the sky is red and rude.

Tell me everything.

It is round.
I don’t know where to start.

Tell me what is inside.
There is lots. They move around.

Just the main elements then. Those which the the rest inhabit.

Above there are two stars. In the middle the air, blowing in and out. Below the gaps.
On the side there are black holes; they are stray.

Why are you describing a face?

It is my life.

A heart in the hand is better than a teacup on the head. A smell of birds when you are gone; like a rose on the pillow.

I nearly didn’t make it.
You were about to get married to someone else.

Hurrying, in order not to be late, is the imperceptible’s excitement.

Does that mean I am insignificant?
You simply are; Your existence looks imperceptible. That doesn’t sound so nice.

Because it is in fashion to look peculiar; Teacup on the head. I like that you blend with the tapestry. I am not saying that to say that you look boring, but because I can often be in doubt

as to where you end and the tapestry begins; When you are tapestry and when you are couch or fork. It is a stroking. One sees you everywhere in tiny little pieces.
But that wasn’t actually where I was going, I wanted to

talk about hurrying. Acting against time gives the action
an urgency, and thus a meaningfulness—a value and an importance, which the imperceptible lacks. Not wanting to watch trailers, whining about being in the know about how it ends, that it the small excitement.


A teacup containing the alphabet is better than a mouthful
of feathers. Sometimes you call; still. Like the bells, like circles around fingers; and the eyes looking into the sun, an orange cup.

Do you love me more than the others? Yes, you know that I adore you.

Then take care of me when I am small. Do you love me?

Yes, you know that I adore you.

Then teach me when I am big. Do you adore me?

You know everything; you know that I adore you.

Then take care of me and teach me, so that I keep my size. When you were small, you could take anyone to where you wanted. But when you get big, anyone will be able to take you to where they want. Come with me.

Then what about him?

If I want that he is here, what does it matter to you? Just come with me.


I want to drink the water; I want to tickle another. I want to drink the water and think of: throwing it out.
I want to wake up by myself at night, and drink the water; in the darkness, as if it were earth. And I, a child or an old man; In the early morning hours.



@ Julie Gufler, May 2018