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Anna Skov Hassing´s work takes form as painting, text and installation.

Her work with painting and often physical larger installations is based on longer processes between collecting material, textual and visual work and spatial experiments.


She is preoccupied with the narrative and spatial potential of painting. 

The motifs and narratives in her works are often composed of several different elements of collected materials, that have been morphed from its original form. 

My work starts with sensations. Not necessarily specific ones, but always precise and demanding. They soon find forms to inhabit. Suitable


marriages. Legitimate attachments. Stuff collected. Brides gathered. Dictated by compulsive behaviours from within. One follows the other. Guests. Observers. Intruders. They start to grow. Take up more and more space. Occupy every inch. Possess the drugged and drowsy bones. Flow over. Detach from the matter that gave rise to them. Float. Float. Slightly above.


The brides walk behind. The walk towards-away.


Underneath their surfaces. Repetitions. One eternity more. When is something too much? 

They know no boundaries.



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